Work Readiness Evaluation

What is a work readiness evaluation (WRE)?

A work readiness assessment (also called a work abilities evaluation, or WAE) is an objective assessment and evaluation of a person's physical ability to do work, including their specific tolerances and limitations. It's a comprehensive assessment that can take several hours to complete and is used primarily to assess the needs of workers who have become injured and to satisfy assessment and reporting requirements for disability benefit qualification. 

What does a work readiness assessment include?

An assessment includes an array of features that can be customized based on each person's unique needs and objectives. Most assessments will include some or all of the following: 

Other evaluations and assessments may also be included in the work readiness evaluation, depending on the client's needs and goals. 

When and how is the work readiness assessment used? 

Work readiness assessments are versatile tools that can provide objective assessments for an array of purposes. Specifically, they can be used: 

  • as an interventional aid for workers who are having a delayed or otherwise atypical recovery experience following an injury and whose return to work has been postponed; 
  • when rehabilitation has reached a plateau and additional assessment is needed to determine the next step in the patient's recovery; 
  • when a return-to-work plan must be modified in response to pain or other limitations or physical issues 
  • to determine if the worker's abilities correspond to the physical demands of a specific job 
  • to assess the extent of ongoing physical issues and limitations 
  • to make recommendations for treatment, workplace redesign and job modifications, or work readiness planning 

In addition, work readiness evaluations may be used to support worker claims of disability, and they also may be requested by employers and insurance companies to determine eligibility for specific benefits and aid in claims processing. If you live in London, ON, please call The Health Network today to schedule an appointment!