Sports Physiotherapy at The Health Network

Sports physiotherapy at The Health Network in London, Ontario, is part of our comprehensive approach to pain and injury management and physical conditioning. Our physiotherapists can help athletes, whether a professional or a hobbyist, with sports injuries, rehabilitation & improved athletic performance. 

Because of the extreme physical demands that are put on the body by most sports, and the often-violent environment of the playing field, athletes experience injuries of the joints, ligaments, and muscles at a much higher rate than the general public. They also need to maintain a high level of physical conditioning and flexibility if they wish to perform at their maximum potential. Our physiotherapists are experiences with a variety of sports conditions, and can help put together a treatment approach that is right for you. 

What Sports Physiotherapy Can Do For You

Sports therapists are highly trained in the areas of the muscular and skeletal system and in the mechanics of how the human body works. They also have expertise in chronic pain management, exercise and sports training, physical alignment, and emergency medical care.

Physiotherapy can help you to: 

  • Recover more quickly from injuries 
  • Manage your pain 
  • Increase your range of motion and flexibility 
  • Develop a personal training regimen to improve performance 
  • Manage headaches and other symptoms resulting from a concussion 
  • Assess physical strengths and weak points 
  • Strengthen and protect vulnerable areas 
  • Tape and/or brace injured joints 
  • Improve posture and skeletal alignment 
  • Increase motivation

Our Holistic Philosophy

The Health Network uses a holistic approach to provide full-body management. In addition to sports physiotherapy treatment, they will provide you with education on injury prevention so you can better protect yourself on the field. They can also provide you with recommended exercises, training tips, and pain management techniques that you can use at home anytime. 

Sports Physiotherapy Is for Everyone

Sports physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes. Our physiotherapist can help anyone who lives an active lifestyle and is interested in maintaining peak health, and those who have experienced workplace injuries. 

The Health Network in London, Ontario offers same-day appointments, seven days a week. We’re always available whenever your schedule says you are. Give us a call at 519-433-7400 or contact us online to find out more about our sports physiotherapy program or to make an appointment.