Physiotherapy: Manual Therapy

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Common Conditions that Manual Physiotherapy Can Treat

Manual therapy is multi-dimensional and specific type of physiotherapy that can effectively treat a broad variety of conditions. Specifically, it focuses on the rehabilitation and restoration of the musculo-skeletal and circulatory systems. It is often used to treat muscular aches, such as back pain. It encourages blood flow to muscles to ease stiffness and reduce pain. Manual Therapy is also used for sports injuries, arthritis, respiratory problems and rehabilitation for injuries due to accidents like a car crash.

Manual Physiotherapy Techniques

Manual therapy is a hands-on therapy delivered with the hands instead of a device. At the same time, a physiotherapist may use devices to complement the manual therapy. The physiotherapist may perform soft tissue work, including massage. With applied pressure on muscle tissue and joints, muscles are relaxed, scar tissue is broken up and circulation is increased. Manual physiotherapy can ease pain in the soft tissues and is effective for healing and pain management.

Another technique that is used in manual therapy is neuro mobilization. First a special neural dynamic test is done to isolate the nerve that is the source of pain. Neuro mobilization is a gentle movement technique used to move nerves. These gentle movements to the nerves increase the blood supply to the nerve, relieves pain and restores functional movement. Mobilization uses measured movements of speed to push, pull or twist bones into proper position. It’s a specific type of manipulation.

The muscle energy technique (MET) involves the use of the patients own muscular efforts to create a gentle contraction. At the same time, gentle resistance is provided by the therapist. The MET technique is used to strengthen weakened muscles, deactivate trigger points and mobilize joints with restricted mobility. This technique is commonly used in combination with soft tissue manipulation, massage therapy and rehabilitation. It enhances the effect of other treatment techniques.

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