Exercise Therapy 

Exercise therapy is a rehabilitative therapy that is facilitated by a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. Exercise therapy is a type of physiotherapy that helps get your body and all its parts moving together to relieve symptoms and improve function. This type of therapy helps ensure your best possible recovery, regardless of whether you need active physiotherapy or balance physiotherapy to help with your rehabilitation.

Stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises are critical to your rehabilitation process for almost all musculoskeletal injuries. The types of exercises used in exercise physiotherapy helps improve circulation to the injured area, ensuring that excess fluids (caused by swelling) and painful cell death by-products are swept away. Exercise therapy can help prevent muscle tightness and atrophy while restoring strength and balance to the muscle. This type of physiotherapy is often prescribed to help strengthen your muscles and helps to avoid re-injury issues.

Exercise therapy can also help provide core strength to support a bad lower back and muscular support to help you avoid dislocating a joint. Physiotherapy can also help you both before and after a corrective surgery; whether it's to fix a bad rotator cuff injury, ligament tears or joint replacements. Exercise therapy can help you regain a full range of motion and strength following a serious sports injury such as a sprain or strain. By adding exercise therapy to your rehabilitation plan, you'll find your recovery takes less time and is less debilitating than when trying to recover without a supervised exercise program.

At The Health Network in London, Ontario, our highly-trained physiotherapists have extensive experience in the exercise therapy field, helping you find the right exercises to strengthen your body without causing re-injury to your joints or muscles. Because they have experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, they know what needs to happen to get you back on your feet as quickly and painlessly as possible. Whether your injuries come from a planned joint replacement or a car accident, physiotherapy help.

When you need exercise therapy to finish your recovery, our London Ontario office provides the vital treatment you need. Our physiotherapy clinic offers same day appointments and is open 7 day a week to fit your schedule.

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