Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain Management

The physiotherapists at The Health Network in London, Ontario use a wide range of therapies to help patients with chronic pain reduce their discomfort. Chronic pain is considered to be pain that lasts longer than 6 months. There can be many causes of discomfort including neurological interpretation of pain signals, disease, and pain resulting from a physical trauma such as an accident. Some pain seems to have no particular source but presents with significantly debilitating symptoms.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain

Many different types of chronic pain treatment fall under the practice of physiotherapy. After a comprehensive evaluation, our physiotherapists will create an individual program of techniques, exercises, modifications and education to support clients during their recovery process. Clients benefit from the tailored approach of the physiotherapist in the treatment of trauma and injuries sustained through a car accident or a workplace injury. These benefits include:

  • Increased range of motion through manual therapies
  • Maintenance of strength, flexibility and mobility from exercise
  • Improved posture and alignment from postural correction techniques and supports
  • Education about the origins of chronic pain, the brain’s response to it and how to intervene and manage it.
  • Increased motivation and better results through working with a physiotherapist

Common Chronic Pain Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy

Many people suffer from chronic pain conditions including back pain and arthritis. Using physiotherapy interventions it is possible to address the cause of the problem and reduce reliance on prescribed medications.


Patients with arthritis display joint stiffness, swelling and discomfort. Pain can increase over time and reduce the ability to perform basic functions.


Chronic headaches can result from infections, sensitivities, injuries, trauma, tumors and pinched nerves.

Back Pain

Back pain can occur due to injury, poor posture and repetitive motions. The musculoskeletal system can benefit from manual therapies to ease muscular tension.

Tumor Formation, Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Some people suffering from cancer feel chronic pain. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiations may cause clients discomfort.


Fibromyalgia can result in much pain within muscles and fibrous tissues without an easily identifiable origin.

The Health Network in London, Ontario offers 7 day a week, same day appointments. Your physiotherapy treatment is partially covered by many employer-provided extended health care benefits or workman’s compensation. Call 519-433-7400 to begin an individualized program of chronic pain management with the physiotherapists at The Health Network.