Balance Physiotherapy / Vestibular Rehabilitation

What is balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation?

Balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation include therapeutic techniques aimed at restoring the body's natural sense of balance by effectively treating issues affecting the vestibular system, which includes the portions of the brain and inner ear responsible for controlling balance. When disease or trauma damages the vestibular system, our natural sense of balance can suffer, resulting in symptoms like dizziness and vertigo, nausea, vision problems and other issues. Balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation techniques use exercises designed to help restore deficits or help patients learn to accommodate and compensate for issues caused by chronic vestibular issues so they can relieve symptoms and function normally.

What conditions does balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation treat?

Balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation techniques are used to treat many disorders affecting the inner ear and brain, including: 

  • labyrinthitis, acute or chronic inflammation of the inner ear 
  • vestibular neuritis, a condition that affects the nerve of the inner ear which is responsible for sending information about body balance and position 
  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), resulting in brief periods of mild to severe dizziness, usually when changing positions 
  • Ménière’s disease, a condition that causes spontaneous dysfunction of the inner ear's vestibular function, resulting in dizziness and vertigo 
  • post-concussion syndrome, a complex disorder that can last for months or even years following a head injury 
  • other balance issues associated with the vestibular system and its function 

What are the benefits of balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation?

Feeling dizzy isn't just annoying; it can also increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries as well as interfere with the activities of daily living, taking a significant toll on your overall quality of life. Balance physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation can help reduce symptoms of dizziness and vertigo, as well as the accompanying symptoms of nausea, headache and vision issues, and it can help relieve the muscle tension that develops as your body tenses in response to the pervasive sensation of falling. Plus, by helping you feel steadier when standing, walking, leaning over and completing other activities, it can also substantially reduce the risk of falling and related injuries so you can feel more confident in your daily life.

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