Athletic Taping & Bracing

When you are suffering from a sports injury, it can seem like you're facing a long road to recovery. Athletic taping and bracing your injured areas can help support and protect these areas from re-injury, helping ensure a faster recovery. When you have sprains, strains or tight muscles, athletic taping supports the injured area, lowers your pain level, and helps you regain your range of motion more quickly. If you have chronic issues with particular joints or muscles, taping or bracing those problem areas can also help prevent injury.

At The Health Network in London, Ontario, our physiotherapists are specially trained in the proper taping and bracing techniques that can help you regain use of your affected muscles and joints. We can also provide specialized kinesiology taping to help improve circulation and prevent painful muscle spasms and cramping. Kinesiology tape has elastic properties that allow your full range of motion without allowing excessive motion that can set back your recovery time. It can also lift your skin off an injury site, allowing for better circulation and lymphatic drainage and swelling. Proper athletic taping and bracing can also reduce excessive nerve stimulation, lowering pain from your injury.

Though a wide range of athletic professionals are able to provide taping options, having your taping done correctly by a qualified physiotherapist helps ensure you have the best possible chance of a smooth recovery. Our physiotherapists can provide proper taping and bracing for your injuries, ensuring you're getting the best possible treatment while getting back into your game. 

When you need taping, bracing or sports physiotherapy, The Health Network in London Ontario office is ready to help you get back to normal. Our office has same day appointments and is open 7 days a week to fit your schedule. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our bracing and taping services.

To find out how athletic taping and bracing can benefit you, please call 519-433-7400 to make an appointment with the physiotherapitst at The Health Network in London, Ontario.