Physiotherapy treatment at The Health Network in London, Ont

Physiotherapy in London Ontario

Manual Therapy

We provide manual therapy which involves the therapist using their hands to mobilize the joints of the body, create movement in the nerve tissue or help the activation, flexibility and normal tone of muscle. Read more about Manual Physical Therapy.
We use a number of different techniques to restore normal motion and regain control. It's our goal to help your body move fully, efficiently and safely.

Excercise Therapy

Excercise therapy helps get the body and its parts moving in order to relieve symptoms and improve its function. Stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises are critical in the rehabilitation process for most musculoskeletal injuries. We help you with continued strengthening and exercises to keep you on the right track back to health.

Physical therapy treatment for knee injuries


Athletic Taping and Bracing

Injured joints and body parts protects those areas from injuring them further or re-injury and it gets you back into the game sooner.
It can lend support to an area which lets muscles that are tightened or sprained to relax and assist's in a quicker return of motion.
We are specifically trained in proper taping techniques and we use the best available supplies. Learn more about Athletic Taping and Bracing.


Acupuncture can break the tension of tight muscles, treat conditions like chronic muscle pain, whiplash, tennis elbow, shoulder strain, hip and knee pain typically respond very well.
The needle is basically painless, but inserting into a chronically tight muscle can cause a cramping sensation. The cramping is the muscle releasing its tension.

Chronic Pain Management

Many types of chronic pain can be treated with a physical therapy program. Our physiotherapists  in London, will create an individual program of techniques, exercises, modifications and education to support clients in pain management.
Learn more about physiotherapy for Chronic Pain Management.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

If you are recovering from a car accident, workplace injury or accident our physiotherapists can design a custom rehabilitation program that can help your recovery process. Learn more about our rehabilitation physiotherapy programs.

Work Readiness Evaluation

A work readiness assessment (also called a work abilities evaluation, or WAE) is an objective assessment and evaluation of a person's physical ability to do work, including their specific tolerances and limitations. It's a comprehensive assessment that can take several hours to complete and is used primarily to assess the needs of workers who have become injured and to satisfy assessment and reporting requirements for disability benefit qualification.


Other Physiotherapy Treatments