Your First Orthotics Visit

We want to walk a mile with you in your shoes, and we know that, unfortunately, those shoes aren't always comfortable. Over 75 percent of Canadians will experience foot pain at some point in their lives, and the Health Network in London Ontario specializes in custom solutions for your feet. We look forward to your first visit for orthotics, and we want to get you off on the right foot by helping you know what to expect.

Please be sure to schedule plenty of time for your first visit with our specialists as it may take up to an hour to evaluate your needs and create an individualized plan. When you first arrive, there will be new patient information forms to complete, which help to give us an overview of your health. You should also bring your insurance card so that we can keep it on file.

Health Interview

Next, our orthotics specialist will conduct a medical interview and examination. You will most likely be asked questions about your own and your family's medical history, medical conditions that you have experienced, previous surgeries, your current medications, common daily activities, and your diet and exercise routine. Usually, the clinician will also want to know how you are currently caring for your foot condition.

Medical & Orthotic Assessment

Our staff will also perform a medical assessment. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to walk in for this evaluation. We may check your blood pressure and reflexes, examine your posture and gait, and evaluate your strength and muscle tone. We will also study how the movements of your feet affect the rest of your motions. We use specialized computer software to create 2-D and 3-D models of your feet to create the ideal devices to make the best recommendations for you.

Orthotic Fitting

We will conclude your first visit with an orthotics fitting and a discussion of our findings. Footmaxx is one of the brands that we like, and we can use their products to create a custom-fit insert or device for you. We may also make recommendations for orthopedic shoes specially tailored to your feet. Typically, we schedule a follow up appointment within the next few weeks to ensure proper fit and function of your new devices.

The Health Network is known in the London Ontario area for innovative treatments, and we seek to offer you the very best fit for your foot needs. We know that to be your best you have to be comfortable in your own shoes.