The Piece of Sports Equipment that You're Missing

You practice hard. You play even harder. No matter what your sport of choice is, there's one part of your body that gets overworked and underappreciated: your feet. At The Health Network, in London Ontario, we appreciate feet. We create custom orthotics for athletes at all levels. We're building a better player literally from the ground, up.

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. When you run or jump, your feet bear the brunt of your body's entire weight at high impact. Even minor flaws in your support or gait can create painful problems in your ankles, knees, hips, groin, back, and muscles.

Unfortunately, nobody's feet are perfect. Fortunately, the Health Network can help.

Custom Orthotics for Athletes

We use state of the art technology to create orthotics that are customized both to your exact body and your exact sport. We understand that precision is the difference between doing your best and being your best. Would you play football with a bowling ball? Would you play baseball with someone else's cleats? The equipment that you play with is specific to you and specific to your sport; don't expect generic solutions to fix a specific problem.

After analyzing your feet and gait with a computerized pressure plate, we will create both two dimensional and three dimensional renderings of your feet. We will use those renderings to create custom Footmaxx orthotics that are precisely molded to your body's specific needs. This exact technology is already being used in the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, WNBA, CFL, IHL, ECHL, ATP and NCAA.

Whether you're a pro athlete, a student athlete, or a recreational athlete, don't take the field without seeing us first. Not only will we help you maximize your potential, we'll help you extend your longevity in the game and avoid life-long injuries. How many times have you seen older men and women limping due to an old sports injury? How many of those injuries could have been prevented with our support?

Don't play without the right equipment. Contact The Health Network for your orthotics consultation today.