Trigger Point Massage

What is trigger point massage?

Trigger point massage therapy uses techniques to release tight, knotted, tender spots in a muscle, known as “trigger points.” Trigger point pain is very common, and the effects can be debilitating. That's because although the trigger point itself may be confined to a specific area, the symptoms it generates, including pain, numbness and tingling can radiate or “refer” symptoms to other areas of the body. Many trigger points are easily palpable, feeling like knotted bands or painful lumps within the muscle fibres. Trigger point massage focuses on these spots, breaking up the tight fibres, releasing pain and tension, and promoting healthy circulation. Since trigger points are very tender, massage can be uncomfortable at times. But because trigger point symptoms can become worse over time, most patients find the discomfort is well worth the long-term benefits that result.

How is trigger point massage performed?

The massage therapists at The Health Network are skilled in employing trigger point massage techniques to help patients in and around London, Ontario, relieve the painful conditions caused by “knotted” muscles. Treatment with trigger point massage begins by locating the painful, tender spots that are the sources of pain. Most “knots” occur in the back, hips, or shoulders, and locating them can be uncomfortable, especially when there are multiple trigger points causing symptoms. Once the points are identified, the therapist will use varied pressure to help relieve tension and “break down” the knotted fibres.

What are the benefits of trigger point massage?

The primary benefit of trigger point massage is that it is targeted at the specific locations that are causing painful symptoms, so therapy can be as effective as possible. In addition to relieving pain at the site, trigger point massage can also relieve referred pain that occurs in other areas, but which is still related to the trigger point site. Many patients can achieve significant relief after a single session; applied regularly, trigger point massage can be an effective technique for relief of chronic pain due to stress or occupational-related muscle strain.

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