Sports Massage

What is sports massage?

Sports massage therapy uses techniques like compression and stretching methods to help keep muscles and connective tissues relaxed and responsive. Primarily used before, during or after an athletic event or to aid in healing from sports-related injuries, sports massage can also be used to improve endurance for a wide array of physical activities – even those not directly related to organized sports.

What conditions can sports massage treat?

The registered massage therapists at The Health Network use sports massage to treat professional, student and amateur athletes (including “weekend warriors”) in and around London, Ontario, customizing each treatment to improve healing following injuries and to help athletes perform at their peak ability. Sports massage can be used to release strain in individual muscles or groups of muscles, to loosen stiff or sore tendons or ligaments, and to help restore flexibility, strength and range of motion to joints and tissues that have been overworked or injured. In addition to healing injuries, sports massage techniques can play an integral role in athletic training, helping maximize performance during competition as well as decreasing the likelihood for future injury.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Sports massage relieves pain and stiffness and relaxes stiff, overworked muscles to improve flexibility and endurance, and it can help promote healing and recovery in other ways as well. By stimulating the lymph system, sports massage helps rid the tissues of toxins and the buildup of lactic acid that can cause muscles to respond more sluggishly. At the same time, sports massage promotes healthy circulation so tissues receive ample supplies of oxygen and nutrients, important for deep, long-lasting healing and recovery. As part of a regular sports training program, sports massage helps athletes “ramp up” their regular conditioning programs by ensuring muscles and joints are in optimal shape so they respond better to other training modalities. No matter your athletic level, sports massage can help you heal faster after injury and perform better so can continue to enjoy your sport for years to come.

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