Runners Massage Therapy

It’s no secret that running takes its toll on the body. And while all runners should develop a training routine that incorporates appropriate amounts of rest, there are other things that runners can do to prevent injury and ease muscle soreness and other issues that come from running. One of these things is to get massage therapy, which are often referred to as “runners massage.”

Specifically, the runners massage consists of a deep tissue massage that usually follows some sort of orthopedic recommendation. Stretching and fascia work are also often involved in runners massage, though particular massages are usually geared toward what the particular runner who is receiving it prefers.

As we noted, running takes its toll on the body. Aside from muscle soreness, some common injuries associated with running include plantar fasciitis, shin splints, lower back pain, pulled hamstrings, knee pain, IT band issues and joint pain, among others. And while there are various other treatments that runners often administer to treat such conditions, runners massage has been proven as an ideal way not only to treat issues, but to prevent them. For instance, massages help improve blood flow, which thereby helps to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery, not to mention waste removal on the cellular level. By improving the circulatory system, you’re also able to improve delivery of important nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Furthermore, massages can also help reduce blood pressure, increase blood vessel diameter and increase pulmonary function. Other benefits of massages for runners include restoring flexibility, improving connective tissue healing and the restoration of posture/gait. Last but not least, massages also feel great and can be as relaxing as they are beneficial.

How Often Should I Receive a Runners Massage?

This depends on a lot of factors – your budget, how often (and how far) you usually run and how many aches and pains you have following a run. Usually, however, a regular massage program is the best course of action for long-term success. For some, this may mean a massage every week. For others, it may mean one every month or one every other month. Some may just elect to receive runners massages prior to their participation in a marathon. (If that is the case, do it at least 3, but no more than 5, days prior to the race so the body is able to recover and respond in due time.

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