Post-Surgery Massage

No matter how large or how small the surgery, there's always a recovery phase involved. For some surgeries, this recovery phase may involve weeks or months of intense rehabilitation as a means of strengthening the affected area and helping it to return to normal. And in the wake of this rehabilitation, there's likely to be a fair amount of pain and soreness as well. That's where post-surgery massages can really help. Not only are these types of massage therapies beneficial in relieving pain and discomfort, but they can also help accelerate the recovery process of the area that was operated on.

Post-Surgery Massage Therapy Benefits

Massages for the purpose of healing have long been administered, so they are one of the oldest methods to help in patient recovery from injuries. Here's a look at some of the benefits that have made massages after surgery such popular treatments:

Pain management: We mentioned this in the opening, but it's worth pointing out again simply because post-surgery massages can help patients feel better. Aside from pain, massages can also help to reduce any swelling that may be common following surgery.
Reduction of stress/anxiety: Massages don't just help reduce pain and discomfort, but they can also help alleviate any symptoms of stress and anxiety. It's common for patients to feel stressed and anxious when managing pain following surgery.
Better blood/oxygen flow: Massages can help better facilitate blood and oxygen flow, as they help open up the pores in the skin. Increased blood and oxygen flow helps remove toxins and aid in muscle recovery.
Faster healing times: Post-surgery massages have proven to accelerate patient healing time. They can even decrease hospital stays. Why? Because massages have the potential to limit prescription medication and other interventions to help patients recover. Aside from faster healing times, massages also have the potential to reduce or eliminate unsightly scar tissue. 

As you can see, post-surgical massages can play an important role in patient recovery. In addition to the benefits that we listed above, massages also improve flexibility and have even been linked to improvements in mood, the latter of which can be crucial in post-operative environments.

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