Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

What is Neuromuscular Massage?

Also known as trigger point myotherapy, neuromuscular therapy is an effective treatment for back pain caused by muscle strain or soft tissue injury. The American Academy of Pain Management recognizes this type of registered massage therapy as effective treatment for pain. Neuromuscular massage therapy entails using alternating levels of concentrated pressure on targeted areas. This type of massage therapy is applied with the elbow, knuckles or fingers. Often, muscle spasms causing back pain are a result of not enough circulated blood and oxygen to the muscle tissue. The lack of blood and oxygen cause the muscles to produce lactic acid and makes the muscles feel sore. During neuromuscular massage therapy, lactic acid is released, and the muscles receive more blood flow and oxygen. The muscles relax in response to the pressure applied by a registered massage therapist. Typically, the reduction of back pain requires a course of massage treatments over a period of six weeks for optimal results. Neuromuscular massage therapy can be used in combination with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

What Conditions can Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Treat?

In addition to back pain, neuromuscular massage therapy can successfully relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, shoulder pain, whiplash, rotator cuff, fibromyalgia and more. It is also effective for nerve compression, postural distortion, trigger points and biomechanical dysfunction. Reduce pain, correct poor posture, function better and live a healthier lifestyle with neuromuscular massage therapy in London Ontario.

What are the Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage?

In many cases, chronic pain can be 80 percent reduced within just a few weeks with a series of neuromuscular massage therapy treatment. And with no drugs and no surgery, it’s a natural and safe way to feel better.  All around, a series of neuromuscular massage therapy sessions improve one’s quality of life. The Health Network in London Ontario offers therapeutic neuromuscular massage therapy that promotes health of the entire musculoskeletal system, stimulates healing and promotes healthy circulation.  Same day appointments are available for treatment with a registered massage therapist. Experience tranquility, automatic relaxation and pain relief at The Health Network in London Ontario.