Deep Heat Massage

It's common to seek some sort of a massage for those that are experiencing muscle soreness. But not all massages are created equal. One type of massage that's intended to help the muscles heal and provide other health benefits is a deep heat massage.

When patients undergo a deep heat massage, the registered massage therapists at The Health Network in London, ON will typically administer hydrocollator packs (hot packs), stones, and rocks to warm and help penetrate connective tissues over a short period of time. The use of these tools, combined with traditional Swedish massage techniques, helps massage therapists provide a service to their patients that deeply penetrates the body and is better able to help with muscle recovery and healing compared to more conventional massage techniques.

The heat specifically helps to promote accelerated structural healing. The heat accessories are normally comfortably applied to the patient's affected areas for about 20 minutes, yet the benefits of the heat can last for long after the therapist removes them.

Benefits of Deep Heat Massage

There are several key benefits of a deep heat massage. These include:

  • Opening up pores: The heat that is administered is excellent at opening up pores so that the skin is better able to absorb the rejuvenating massage oils that are used.
  • Increased blood flow: All massages typically tout increased blood flow as a benefit, but this is even more so when it comes to a deep heat massage. This improved blood flow helps remove toxins and also aids in the recovery of any tissues.
  • Faster healing times: This goes along with the aforementioned aspect of increased blood flow.
  • A reduction in pain or discomfort: It's why so many athletes incorporate massage therapy into their routine.
  • Relaxation: The heat administered is not uncomfortable, so the┬ápatient is able to fully relax while undergoing treatment.

Who Should Receive a Deep Heat Massage?

Deep heat massages are ideal for athletes or those who have adopted intensive exercise regimes, such as CrossFit. As we noted in the beginning, the main purpose of a deep heat massage is to aid in the recovery of tissues, ligaments and muscles that have become strained, overworked or overused from intense activity.

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