Cross Fit Massage

CrossFit is an extremely intense workout regime, a type of fitness that’s commonly referred to as “the sport of exercise.” And as is the case with most sports, there’s the potential for injury. CrossFit is no exception, as it’s estimated that the rate of injury is as much as 17 percent. However, when it comes to preventing injury and speeding recovery time from Cross Fit activity, massage therapy can be extremely beneficial. After all, when you work out your body at such a high intensity, it’s only fitting that you have to take care of the body itself to keep it running efficiently.

Specifically, a registered massage therapist can administer a CrossFit massage therapy program that may consist of:

  • Fascia work
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Stretching exercises
  • Heat or ice therapy

Of course, aside from the aforementioned treatment, there are other reasons to seek message therapy after an intense workout. For instance, massages lengthen fascia and muscle, aiding in its recovery. Aside from increasing your muscle’s range of motion, regular massages also help your muscles look more toned. Increased blood flow, reducing anxiety and stress and helping to reduce any pain and/or inflammation are other big benefits to receiving regular treatment from a registered massage therapist. In the event of a CrossFit injury, massages can accelerate recovery times and restore full mobility in injured muscles faster and more effectively than just rest.

So just when is the best time to receive a massage if you’re an active CrossFit participant? The best times for CrossFitters is either after you’ve completed your workout for the day or on rest days or recovery periods. In the event of an injury, massages should be administered regularly to speed recovery and restore mobility.

When you’re an active CrossFit participant, you can’t ignore the toll that the “sport of exercise” may take on your entire body, so it’s important to nurture your body and give it the care it needs when necessary. CrossFit massages can greatly help in helping muscles recover and keeping the body looking and feeling great. Make it a part of your CrossFit routine today.

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