Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage or Therapy works with the lymphatic system. The Lymph system works with our body to defend against foreign bodies & provides immunity. It cleans tissue and removes waste out of circulation. The Lymphatic system filters lymph returns to the blood for circulation. It helps to localize infection in the body so the spread of infection is much less. Manual lymph drainage is a technique that is used to help stimulate the lymph flow and immune system within our bodies to increase our body’s defense against waste and infection. It is a very light rhythmic stimulation of the lymph system. MLD helps to eliminate harmful waste, to decrease the inflammation in chronic or sub-acute stages, increase circulation of both lymph and blood, decrease pain, promote relaxation, and boost our immune systems to help fight off colds and infections.

When a client comes to The Health Network in London, Ontario for manual lymph drainage, they will fill out a health history to determine if they qualify for having MLD treatment. There is nothing painful about lymph drainage. If there is a tender area you should notify your massage therapist. The client will be covered on the table during the treatment with a sheet or blanket. It is a personal choice to disrobe or wear your clothes during the treatment. If clothes are worn, they should be non-restrictive for proper stimulation of Lymph flow. There are some areas that require special draping techniques. These areas include abdomen, inner thigh and breast. These areas are a personal choice and can be modified for the client’s level of comfort during the treatment, and should be discussed before. The first treatment will be shorter to determine a client’s reaction to MLD. MLD should never be performed on an acute condition in its first stages, such as the first 24 – 72 hours. Any health concerns should be determined before using MLD. Clients who have had cancer treatments, such as radiation and/or lymph nodes removed due to medical conditions should consult a doctor before starting MLD, and should make sure the therapist performing the MLD is certified for that level or practice. There are 3 levels and a certification level that can be taken by the therapist.

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