Direct Billing

The therapists at The Health Networks serve London, ON and are highly trained and certified in massage therapychiropractic therapy and physiotherapy. To make sure your visit is as convenient as possible, our office will direct bill your insurance company for each of these services, provided your insurance policy covers them. This saves you from having to pay upfront and wait for a reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Direct billing streamlines the health care services that we provide and makes each visit hassle-free.

Checking Your Insurance Coverage

To ensure you have coverage on the therapy you’re receiving, it’s wise to contact your insurance company to enquire about what type of coverage is available to you. Keep in mind that in order to get reimbursement from an insurance policy, your massage therapist must be registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The massage therapists at The Health Network meet this criteria.  

Important questions to ask besides the requirements for registered massage therapy are the start date for your coverage and if other health care professional services like chiropractic therapy and physiotherapy are covered. Physiotherapy treatment is often partially covered under extended health care benefits through an employer but not covered through your government health plan. Coverage may be a percentage, lump sum or a monetary amount per visit. 

Auto Insurance Claims 

Our office is registered with Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI). This allows us to bill your insurance company should you require massage therapy to aid in recovery from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Massage therapy is highly therapeutic for children, adults and seniors who have incurred injuries from car accidents.

Your First Visit to The Health Network

Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you on your first visit to The Health Network. On your first visit, you’ll be asked about any existing insurance coverage you may have and will be asked to complete a confidential health history form. Even if your policy doesn’t allow for direct billing, we’ll issue you a receipt for services so that you can submit and receive reimbursement.

Please contact us for more information about direct billing.