What Length of Massage Do You Need?

One question that we often get asked at The Health Network is, “How long should a massage be?”. It’s an important question if you expect to get the most out of your treatments.  

Benefits of Massage Therapy

You already know that besides being relaxing and enjoyable, massage therapy offers many benefits such as increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, soothing tight, aching, tired muscles, reducing stress and headaches, improving skin tone, promoting mental concentration, and it helps you to get a good night’s sleep. It is also an essential part of treating a variety of injuries and medical conditions, and as a general treatment for chronic pain. 

Finding the Right Massage Length for You

Most people opt for a 30 or 60-minute massage, but the truth is that isn’t long enough to address many specific goals and problem areas. Deciding on the right length of time for your massage requires consulting with your registered massage therapist to balance your personal health needs with your schedule and time constraints, and your budget. 

The Right Length for The Right Purpose

You should expect a complete full-body massage, done for relaxation and tension reduction, to take at least an hour. Shorter sessions of 30 to 45-minutes are alright if you’re focusing on a specific area of your body, such as your neck and head, your legs and feet, or just lower back pain. 

But if you’re having pain and discomfort in an area, it will probably take longer to allow your registered massage therapist to concentrate on that area for satisfactory results. Of course, injury rehabilitation might take up to two-hours, and might require more frequent visits. 

Your massage requirements are unique to you, but don’t shortchange yourself by sacrificing results to save time. 

Frequency of Massages

How often you come in for a session will also influence the length of massage required. If you only have the occasional treatment, longer massages may be warranted to thoroughly address all areas of your body. 

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