Massage after ski trip

As you return home to London Ontario, after a great weekend hitting up the slopes, it is natural to dread going back to work on Monday. It is especially natural to feel dismay about the work week as your body groans and aches as you climb into bed on Sunday night.  

Thankfully, The Health Network is here to help! We have a full team of registered massage therapists ready to help you put the spring back in your step after skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. Registered massage therapy not only helps you work out the kinks of a demanding weekend on the trails, but it also offers a wide variety of health benefits.  

Massage is beneficial for reducing pain from injuries and even preventing them. By alleviating pain through registered massage therapy when the aches and pains are small, it can resolve them before they develop into more debilitating injuries. Massage can also improve flexibility and circulation to decrease risk of injury altogether. Swedish massage can increase the range of motion of your joints, and a sports massage can improve your sleep. It even encourages your connective tissues to heal faster.  

One benefit of massage is better proprioception, which is the awareness of the positioning of your body. This means greater limb control while skiing or snowboarding, which translates into a lower likelihood of running into trees and a smoother ride.  

Massage after skiing can help your body to eliminate waste products after a hard day on the slopes. Massage helps with lymphatic drainage, and this body system helps to clear out the waste products produced during vigorous activity. Less waste products mean less aches and pains and faster recovery.  

Massage can also reduce anxiety. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels. This can improve your week as you head back to work after a ski weekend. 

Skiing and snowboarding are a great way to spend a weekend! Once you return home, seeing a registered massage therapist for a relaxing and invigorating massage can get you ready to tackle your week with the same ease and flexibility that you tackled those slopes.