Aches and Pains Can Be Caused by Your Office Environment

If your office environment lacks ergonomic furniture, then it could be the cause behind your aches and pains. Sitting or standing with poor posture and technique during your work hours naturally leads to pain. Instead of dismissing these aches as normal signs of aging, it's important to address them through improving your posture and receiving registered massage therapy.

Sit-And-Stand Desks

Because the dangers of sitting for long periods has become well known, some people have started to stand during their work day or for half of their work day. However, standing can put as much stress on your body as sitting does. This stress just occurs in different areas of the body. The key to preventing aches and pains in your office environment is to use ergonomic furniture and correct your posture.

If you want to alternate between standing and sitting, you should buy a sit-and-stand desk that's adjustable for the height for your body. If a standing desk is not at just the right setting, it will still cause aches and pains. Same advice applies for a chair. You should have an ergonomic chair that's right for your body and have your work space set up ergonomically too.

Usually, correcting these things isn't enough to entirely stop the pains because your muscles have become used to being tightened. Registered massage therapy can be very helpful and can teach your muscles to relax again.

Health Problems and Other Pains Caused by an Office Environment

According to Rick Bates, a manual therapy specialist, "Anyone who has spent much time on a computer, cellphone, tablet or other advanced electronic device has surely experienced the discomfort of poor body mechanics and repetitive straining." There are several different health issues that can develop as a result of working in an office environment, such as forward head posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain. Forward head posture is when your head no longer sits correctly on top of the spine. People commonly refer to this as "turtle neck".

Forward head posture is not merely an aesthetic problem. The stress it puts on the spine can cause wear, degeneration, and tear. Ignored long enough, an individual may need surgery because of the spinal damage caused by forward head posture. According to I.A. Kapandji, M.D., for every inch your head sits forward, the equivalent of 10 extra pounds is exerted on your spine. The average human head weighs 12 pounds, so a forward head posture of just one inch is 22 pounds of weight on your spine.

Massage Therapy Helps Ease the Pain and Other Problems Caused by a Desk Job

Registered massage therapists can help ease the aches and pains caused by working in an office environment. Contact us at The Health Network in London, Ontario to learn more about the treatment options available for your specific complaint. We offer same-day and weekend appointments.