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Registered Massage Therapists at The Health Network in London Ontario have a host of massage therapy approaches and techniques to help you feel your best. When considering massage, however, the wide variety of types of massage can feel overwhelming. You know that massage can boost blood flow, improve the immune system, and help you rest, but you also want to maximize your enjoyment and relaxation by selecting the massage for you. Follow this guide to find the right method for your unique needs.  

Tips for relieving pain from Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injury is an injury to a specific muscle or group of muscles caused by a repeated action. This action becomes so repetitive that the muscles cannot heal and over time irreparable damage is done. RSIs can be caused by repetitive tasks, sustained unnatural positions and forceful motions. Repetitive strain injury is often associated with particular professions or vocations.

Foot pain is a common symptom that can have many different causes. Most of these can be attributed to injury or overuse, and some can be treated with custom orthotics or similar medical treatments over time. Others might require more immediate medical attention or treatment for a seemingly completely different medical condition. In any case, it's important that you identify the reason for your foot pain, something that the Health Network or your local London Ontario physician will be able to help you with. Here are some of the more common reasons why your foot might hurt.

People who experience joint pain in the winter often have trouble being as active as they were the rest of the year. It's frustrating when your winter joint pain holds you back. Fortunately, there are ways to relieve the pain, such as registered massage therapy. Warming your body up is usually not enough to eliminate the pain entirely. Continue reading for a better understanding of what causes stiff muscles and joints in the winter and how registered massage therapists can relieve the pain.    

Aches and Pains Can Be Caused by Your Office Environment

If your office environment lacks ergonomic furniture, then it could be the cause behind your aches and pains. Sitting or standing with poor posture and technique during your work hours naturally leads to pain. Instead of dismissing these aches as normal signs of aging, it's important to address them through improving your posture and receiving registered massage therapy.

Massage Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Registered massage therapy not only benefits one's physical health, but it can also benefit your mental health. There are many reasons you should get a massage on a regular basis. Here are a few ways massage can help with mental wellbeing. Massage Reduces Stress

Massage after ski trip

As you return home to London Ontario, after a great weekend hitting up the slopes, it is natural to dread going back to work on Monday. It is especially natural to feel dismay about the work week as your body groans and aches as you climb into bed on Sunday night.  

What Length of Massage Do You Need? One question that we often get asked at The Health Network is, “How long should a massage be?”. It’s an important question if you expect to get the most out of your treatments.